Yamanashi is the first wine region awarded Geographical Indication (GI) by the Japanese government. It is an inland valley bearing a classic valley climate that enjoys long hours of sunshine, daytime temperature variation and relatively little rain, conditions paramount for growing quality wine grapes. It is located in the center of Japan, surrounded by a series of mountains 2,000 – 3,000m high, including Mt. Fuji.


600 hectares of growing area


83 wine companies

7,600 grape growers


600 million bottles of wine produced annually


37,000 bottles exported annually

5.6 million tourists annually

Primary Grape Varietals


Muscat Bailey A

Unique Fact 
Koshu, first cultivated more than 1,000 years ago in the Caucasus Region in Asia Minor, came to Japan together with Buddhism via the Silk Road through China. It localized itself and became native to Japan. When winemaking started in 1874, it quickly became not only the main, but also the most important, grape variety in Yamanashi.

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