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Finger Lakes

United States

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The Finger Lakes AVA was established in 1982 and includes the Cayuga Lake AVA (119,000 acres) and Seneca Lake AVA (204,600 acres). The overall climate of the region is cool and continental, moderated by the Great Lakes and the influences of the Finger Lakes—deep, elongated lakes that accumulate heat during the summer and release heat during the winter. Growing conditions vary considerably within the micro-climate of each Finger Lake depending on distance from or height above the lake as well as slope and the direction a vineyard faces. Finger Lakes wines are fresh and fruit-forward, of medium body and moderate alcohol. Acidity shines in both the still and sparkling wines produced. Finger Lakes wines are recognized for their value and balance, lending themselves to a variety of food pairings.



3,925 hectares of growing area

130+ wineries

287 growers



3,490 jobs

$1.1 billion USD economic impact



48,000 tons

3 million cases


Primary Grape Varietals



Cabernet Franc

Pinot Noir

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Unique Fact 
The Finger Lakes region of New York is known for the picturesque, narrow ‘Finger Lakes’. These deep, extensive bodies of fresh, clean water are among the deepest freshwater lakes in the United States. The underlying bedrock of Finger Lakes dates from the Devonian period more than 360 million years ago.
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