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As one of the oldest grape growing regions in the United States, wine is an integral component of the history, culture and economy of Missouri communities across the state. The region of Missouri consists of northwestern upland plain or prairies, as well as lowlands in the extreme southeast that are part of the Atlantic Plain and the Ozark Plateau. Known as the Cave State, the northern half of Missouri is covered in glacial drift and loess from Pleistocene glaciation, while the southern half is largely a carbonate terrain rich in caves, springs and clear streams. Given its inland location, Missouri is also prone to temperature extremes. Missouri consequently deals with inclement weather quite regularly, including thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, snow, ice and flooding.


688 hectares of growing area


125 wineries

425 grape growers


1.16 million liters of wine shipped annually


28,052 jobs supported

875,700 tourists annually

$600 million USD in economic

impact from tourism

$218.5 million USD in federal

taxes contributed

$144 million USD in state

taxes contributed

Unique Fact 
Missouri is home to the first federally recognized American Viticultural Area (AVA), Augusta, which was recognized in 1980.

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