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Just east of San Francisco, the Livermore Valley has an east-west orientation, making it unique among northern California winegrowing regions. It is 15 miles long (east to west), 10 miles wide (north to south), and surrounded by coastal range mountains and foothills. The east-west orientation of the valley allows the coastal fog and marine breezes to come in from the Pacific Ocean across the San Francisco Bay and cool the valley’s warm air, resulting in warm days and cool nights. Soils range from limestone and gravel to clay loams. Livermore Valley’s unique orientation and coastal location are expressed across various micro-climates. This topography combined with the skill of the vintners allows the region to successfully grow and produce a wide range of quality red and white wines.


1,100 hectares of growing area

50+ wineries

10+ growers


800,000 cases

Primary Grape Varietals

Cabernet Sauvignon

Petite Sirah



Sauvignon Blanc

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Unique Fact 
Along with new hillside plantings, growers and winemakers have expanded beyond the more familiar Bordeaux and Rhone varietals, with new grape varieties such as Tempranillo, Barbera and Touriga.

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