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Monterey County

United States

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Monterey Wine Country’s growing region is vast, stretching 90 miles from north to south. There are nine distinct and separate AVAs within the 45,000 cultivated wine grape acres of Monterey County. The AVAs are Arroyo Seco, Carmel Valley, Chalone, Hames Valley, Monterey, San Antonio Valley, San Bernabe, San Lucas and Santa Lucia Highlands. The AVAs all share low rainfall, significant diurnal temperature variations, and strong ocean influence. The gently sloping land is suitable for drainage while the terrain and soil characteristics are the most ideal for planting, cultivating, and harvesting grapes away from urbanization. The soil temperatures are cooler than in other parts of the state. This factor naturally limits the size of the crop, thereby increasing grape and wine quality.



45,000 acres of growing area

9 appellations

72 wineries

225 vineyards



7,000 wine industry FTE jobs

$361 million USD annual wages & benefits

481,000 annual visitors

$64 million USD tourism revenue

$7 million+ USD annual charitable contributions


Primary Grape Varietals

Pinot Noir


Cabernet Sauvignon


Sauvignon Blanc




Unique Fact 
The region's soils tend to be light, with igneous rock and seabed providing a mineral infusion. The Salinas Valley winds keep the acids high. Combined, nature's influence on Monterey Wine Country grapes produces elegant wines that are light, aromatic, and mineral.
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