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Produced within the original territory of Chianti that was first delineated in 1716, Chianti Classico is known for its long-held winemaking traditions that distinguish itself from wines made outside of this unique geographical area, a true icon of Tuscan landscape.


7,200 hectares of growing area

18,000 acres


510 members

351 bottlers


36 million bottles produced (2017)

€600 million total worldwide sales

77% of wines exported


12,000 jobs created

3,000 jobs in the agritourism sector

1 million tourists each year

Primary Grape Varietals


Unique Fact 
Only Chianti Classico wines are entitled to bear the historic Black Rooster symbol (known in Italian as a gallo nero). The Black Rooster is the historic symbol of the Chianti Military League and can be traced back to a legend about the creation of Chianti’s political borders in the Middle Ages.
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