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Oregon is a leading wine producing state in the United States with 19 approved wine regions growing 72 varieties of grapes. Home to a diverse geo-climate, the state includes rolling hills, granite-crusted ridges, basalt bluffs and sandy soils. The northerly latitude means that grapes have extra growing season sunlight for longer periods, even ripening as well as crisp, cool nights to allow grapes to retain their freshening acidity. Each of the appellations reflects the diverse range of microclimates and terrains found in the state.


35,972 acres of growing area

19 viticulture areas



793 wineries

1,165 vineyards


4.2 million cases sold


30,000+ jobs created

$5.61+ billion USD in economic activity $787 million USD in wine-related tourism

Primary Grape Varietals

Pinot Noir

Pinot Gris




Unique Fact 
A leader in environmental stewardship, nearly 50% of Oregon’s planted vineyard acres are certified as sustainably farmed. Many wineries are also taking the next step to certify sustainable practices in their winemaking processes. Driven by their desire to create a wine that reflects a sense of place, Oregon’s winemakers understand that their grapes must be grown naturally to capture the true essence of the state in a glass of wine.
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