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Seneca Lake

United States

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The Seneca Lake Winery Association was founded in 1986 and the Seneca Lake AVA was established in 1988. As the deepest of the Finger Lakes, Seneca Lake is the chief influence of the terroir of the Seneca Lake AVA and Seneca Lake Wine Trail with the greatest capacity to provide warming effects during the cold winters. Seneca Lake is fortunate to have characteristics that make it particularly attractive to grape growers. Seneca Lake is also the largest of the Finger Lakes, meaning that it possesses more acreage close to its shores that offer ideal conditions for growing premium grape varieties. The Seneca Lake Wine Trail is one of the primary, year-round attractions in the region.



30 wineries



7,000 jobs


Primary Grape Varietals




Pinot Noir

Cabernet Franc

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Unique Fact 
The Seneca Lake AVA specializes in aromatic whites as well as wines of varying varietals that are low(er) alcohol (usually between 12 and 14%), making them incredibly food friendly.
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