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Located one hour north of San Francisco, Sonoma County’s 1,604 miles are situated alongside the Pacific Ocean. Moderated by the Russian River and Pacific Ocean, Sonoma County’s terroir is also defined by the low Sonoma Mountains. Grapes thrive on the cool temperatures, coastal fog and limited rains. This vast diversity of terroirs within the appellation enables more than 60 grape varietals to be grown.


60,000 acres of growing area

18 viticulture areas

60+ grape varieties

92% sustainable vineyards


1,800+ grape growers

291 wineries open to the public

495 bonded wineries


226,000 tons picked (2016)


54,297 jobs created

$13.4 billion USD economic impact on Sonoma County

Primary Grape Varietals


Cabernet Sauvignon

Pinot Noir


Sauvignon Blanc



Unique Fact 
All wines produced in one of the appellation’s 16 AVAs must use “Sonoma County” on the label, under conjunctive labeling law, which has been in full effect since January 1, 2014. Thus, all wines show both region and sub-region on the bottle label in order to increase recognition of the Sonoma County name and ensure consumers understand where the AVAs are located.

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