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From POLITICO Morning Trade, August 21, 2020: 

GLOBAL WINEMAKERS URGE AN END TO TARIFFS: The U.S. and European Union need to reach an agreement and leave tariffs on wine out of the long-standing Airbus/Boeing dispute, members of the Wine Origins Alliance urged EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan on Thursday. 

In a letter to Hogan, the group, which represents organizations from 11 countries, urged the EU to not include wine on its list of retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods that it’s preparing in response to the Boeing case. 

“Imposing tariffs on unrelated products such as wine is not the best way to obtain a favorable result,” they wrote. Instead, if tariffs are necessary, they should be put only on products relevant to the dispute, such as aircraft and aircraft parts, “which may lead to a swifter resolution,” they wrote. 

The EU is expected to get the green-light from the WTO and a specific amount of tariffs it can impose on U.S. goods in the coming weeks. USTR last year imposed a 25 percent tariff on some European wines in retaliation for EU subsidies to Airbus.

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